Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Enlightenment through Exercise - the Elixir of Life?

Let's see if I have this straight.....

There has been an overwhelming response to my first blog post – Calories & Carbs – a Catastrophic Combination.  This response is reflected in the Livinlavidalow carb forum.  The forum followers (the FF’s) have pointed me to various different resources on the web, some being layman opinions and some being scientific certainties – well, as certain as one can get with scientific research.

The YouTube video Slim is explains the philosophy of Gary Taubes in a way that even I can understand it.  Let’s see if I’ve got it right, or if I’m fueling the debate to even greater heights.  This “enlightenment” came to me this morning while walking my dogs, i.e. doing exercise….

In the YouTube video, our bodies are likened to the kitchen sink.   If the sink is unclogged, water drains out.  So, what goes in must come out.  If the sink is clogged, the water level rises.  If the “drainage system” of our bodies is clogged, the “fat level” will rise.  IF  we start eating the human equivalent of “drain cleaner” we will start losing weight. 
There are the CICO (calories in, calories out) proponents who state that exercise produces various hormones, all with long names, that help us to stop eating when we feel full, help us feel less depressed and help us pump up our metabolism.  Isn’t this all part of the human drain cleaner? 
The list of drain cleaning foods to eat is somewhat contentious and definitely food for thought in a future blog post.  

There does not seem to be much contention that water, protein and fiber affect insulin levels the least and the proponents of “healthy carbs” will advocate that the carbs worth eating are those that don’t affect your insulin levels. 

The conclusion I am led to draw is that patience is the only panacea!  With regular exercise to keep the “happiness hormones” in check – and to keep the muscles fit and healthy – or is this also contentious? ….. and eating only human “drain cleaner”, at some stage, my body will start draining like the kitchen sink, meaning any unnecessary build-up of “fat” will drain away and the model figure will return.   
(The exact definition of the word “model” is also the subject of a future blog post.  Not only meant as a fashion model, but also as an example, a prototype – like the model architects build, or a model airplane…. But more on this in future.


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  3. Low carb lifestyle is the way to go for those of us who have been or always fight obesity
    Read the books such as Atkins or Gary Taubes art of low carbohydrate diet (his latest 2 books in other words not sure exact title) and actually committing to following is important, readjusting the diet and dialing it to your response is a step ahead of that, first try a proven template .Being honest to yourself about how much you are willing to commit and then the follow through of keeping a record, ,counting carbs is pretty much the standard for all serious weight loss, just think of it as a form of diabtes, those patients must count carbs and check blood sugar, so should we .Knowing ones blood sugar response to foods is a great bonus if you are willing to try that. If most of us who are obese do not feel its needed to do these things, face it ,later on when diabetes type 2 rears its ugly head, we would have to do that anyway, why not know what the food is doing to us now? Rules of induction are not meant to be a vague suggestion.Getting totally down to minimal carb count gives the benefit of eliminating carb cravings and keeps us honest , other wise, 'kinda on a low carb dieter" should expect less than stellar results with lots of physiological cravings for strarches. The more carb creep is allowed, the further from your goal of optimal health you will be. Adding in flour, even if grain free, like almonds is risky .Trying to vary the diet and or trying to find substitutes for everything Pre lifestyle change is not going to produce major changes, but slowly inch one back to old habits. Admitting and accepting our lifestyle will totally have to change forever is difficult, but once one accepts this and some success is found, it becomes easier.Going backwards becomes so dis satisfying a thought that one decides its just not worth it just to get a feeling of the old you who was allowed(by your choice) to eat whatever the occasion or feeling dictated. This is a mental challenge but greatly influenced and mediated by our physical body in its handling of food by insulin and other hormones.If we can control the insulin surges by lowering the glucose load(low carb moderate protein, high fat) we can get less emotional attachments to our food and treat it more like fuel. If we hang on to the old ways, we cannot expect real sustainable change.Thats my take after long term successful weight loss and maintenance on low carbohydrate diet. It's worth the effort. You are worth the effort.If not ready, do more research and start fresh once you've had the time to do the homework and once you feel confident that is the way to go.If you are doubtful or in denial about the need to give up certain foods or trying to get close to those foods before significant weight loss results then you just may not be ready , that's ok too.certain times in our lives are so stressful that major changes are just not likely to