Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Continuing the Commitment to Low Carbing – Human Drain Cleaner in Action

Having now done 6 weeks of “low carbing” and seen some wonderful results, I now have a couple of answers as well as some very practical advice to others.

1.        Rethink and forget EVERYTHING you think you know about losing weight.  It goes against every grain in your body to eat steak in melted butter and a garlic & cream sauce….. but enjoy it!! 
2.      Read Gary Taubes’s Why we Get Fat and What to do About it. 
3.      Give it three weeks before you even look at your body’s change, even THINK about how you feel and before you stand on a scale.  In these three weeks I found the following:
·         My haemorrhoids went away,
·         My energy increased,
·         I could concentrate again, 
·         I have this feeling of excitement for life. 
·         Increased calmness and patience.

4.      After six weeks I noticed even more benefits

1.              I no longer need to drag myself out of bed in the mornings, I JUMP out of bed,
2.             I automatically eat more vegetables and salad,
3.             My grocery bill has gone down, not up, 
4.             Clothes that have been tight are now starting to feel comfortable and…..

Most important:

5.             The SCALE shows a 2.5 kg weight loss.  This is not a lot, but I am very excited because:

1.        I did not count a single calorie, carb, portion size.  I ate when I was hungry and ate as much as I wanted. 
2.      I got enthusiastic about almond flour, so many breakfasts were waffles, pancakes, cookies – all with almond flour and no sugar
3.      I found Stevia at Spar – resulting in more experimenting with almond flour and cookies.

My plan for the next couple of weeks is to really concentrate on as low carb as possible, i.e. only foundationvegetables

A typical day’s diet and exercise would look like this:

06.30 am with kids                3 x scrambled eggs with cream
                                                   1 cup of fennel tea

07.00                                        walk the dogs for half an hour
                                                   Cup of 5 Roses tea with cream

09.00                                        Curves (3 x a week)

10.00                                        Cup of 5 Roses tea with cream
+ 250 ml Greek Style Yogurt (Nammilk) with Macadamia nuts, sunflower and pumpkin or nara seeds

13.00                                         different types of marrow and/or baby squash frittata

16.00                                         Cup of 5 Roses tea with cream

19.00                                         chicken stir fry with frozen stir fry vegetables

I also made it my mission that my children came home from school to something healthy and appetising.  I thus experimented with various foods:

Smoked chicken, a bit of plum, cucumber, green & red paprika

egg salad

canned tuna salad

Vegetable loaf with cheese on top, half a Vienna sausage, red and yellow paprika, cucumber

Chicken strip salad (from Spar) with half a nectarine

home made hamburger patties with cheese, lettuce, red and yellow paprika

Fried Hake in garlic and lemon butter with zucchini on a bed of lettuce, tomato, paprika with an olive and balsamic vinegar dressing

The feeling of succeeding brings with it more energy and determination and of course with it more questions for the scientific mind.  Will this be a sustainable way of living or yet again another downward swing of the yo-yo….. ???

..................only time will tell. 


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